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NOLA Track Day
« on: April 15, 2012, 07:37:31 pm »
Well it's official. We're heading out to NOLA track day on the 21st with the connie  . Been prepping her out  for the track . Im really looking forward to see what she will do without having to worry about traffic, trees,dogs,people, birds, dear, pot holes and morons.  :-)  .  What I've found is all the young track junkies think the  connie is a old mans bike. It shocks the begees out of them when I come blasting by them.  I've buzzed more 1000's than I can count . One thought he got me at 158MPH. He was slowing pulling past me, then I shifted to sixth and it was all over.  :)
This track has a lot of sweepers and that's where the Connie really shines .
  I really wanted to have more done to my bike but ran out of $$$ . I am running the new Michelin power 2CT tires under 30 psi pressure so I feel good about the rubber hitting the road part. ( Most important to me ) . Will post some before pics and track pics if I can get them. Also the lap times . Hope some of you come out and join in. $150 a day and they furnish leathers .  :motonoises:

NOTE ! If your going to do any kind of performance riding, the OEM suspension truly sucks. I would suggest Ohlin Suspensions
Your not going to believe the difference in control and handling along with comfort and reliability .
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