Author Topic: Quick question about removing Carbon Fiber tank pad to replace with TechSpec  (Read 318 times)

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Hey guys, i want to get the TechSpec 6-piece tank grip kit, but my 09’ Connie came w/ a carbon fiber tank centerpiece from the previous owner, just the piece that is on the front-middle in front one’s crotch/belt buckle. So, that begs the question, are they easily
Removeable in most cases? I know it covers more surface area than the future tech spec center grip, so I would hate to see paint peel off and be stuck w/ that issue!! I’ve already looked up videos and found people using hairdryers to heat it up and then peeling them off etc. added a photo to show you the gist of what’s on the connie at present


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Its actually an adhesive backed rubberized material, with a "carbon fiber" painted or contact sticker "look", and yes, using a hair dryer to heat the sticker only, allows it to be pealed off easily, any residual adhesive can be removed using a microfiber rag and wd-40.
If you plan to re apply another, you may have to clean the area with warm soapy, soapy, water, and follow with wiping it with rubbing alcohol to remove any wd 40, and oils, prior to a new one applied.. then a bit of wax.

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