Author Topic: 09 C14 running rough shortly after delkevic install  (Read 29 times)

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Aloha from Hawaii.  New owner here, 2009 C14. 44k miles, recent valve adjustment, plugs, service. Running excellent, all stock bike.

Last night I installed a delkevic carbon fiber 18" slip on exhaust.  Easy install, baffle out, sounds amazing and rode for 10 miles and ran perfect.  I am so very happy with it.

This morning I start up the bike, sounds fine.  About 5 seconds later, it starts chugging at idle, and sounds rough.  Harder to rev up. Chuggish as low speed. I took for a ride and it sounds like its running on 2 cyl.  Major power loss, sounds choked up or something. I'm so sad right now.  It sounded and ran beautiful last night.

Bought the bike about 10 days ago. It was sitting for a couple months.  Had a full tank in it when I bought it.  Rode through that tank until fuel level low and then added seafoam and filled up with non ethanol fuel.  I'm near the end of that tank and the fuel low just started flashing and now the issues after the pipe install.

Thank you for your replies.  Wondering where I should start.  I miss the bike already and even more with that last 10 miles of riding.  The delkevic pipe sounds awesome with the baffle out.

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Re: 09 C14 running rough shortly after delkevic install
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Welcome to COG!  Sorry to hear of your troubles.  I'd drain the tank, inspect and clean it.  Check the sock/filter on the pickup of the fuel pump.  Others have had some pretty nasty crud built up on that filter.  Don't sweat it too hard.  It's most likely something reasonably simple.  I'm sure someone with more knowledge will be along later. 
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