Author Topic: Wiring Harness getting replaced under warranty, C-14  (Read 1072 times)

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Wiring Harness getting replaced under warranty, C-14
« on: December 05, 2014, 01:31:46 am »
Getting my wiring harness replaced, good thing I bought the extended warranty on my 2010 C-14, was having slow acceleration, than I started getting Traction control errors (KTRC) or K-ACT (ABS) errors, the error codes displayed where A1 & B1, which indicated a communication problem between the computer and ABS/traction control pump/module.  So I took it down to Mid-cities Honda/Kaw in Paramount Ca, ended up being a lead that was not spliced correctly.  I look at the pictures they had taken and the lead was not wrapped around the stripped back wire, also not soldered, only tapped.  So at 42,000 miles the tape started to unwrapped, making intermitted connection, causing the KTRC to aggressively alter engine performance, sometimes in a turn when, very annoying.  That lasted about a week, Saturday morning, heading to the Long Beach International Motorcycle show, all day, as soon as I turn on the power it would show KTRC error, just pushed KTRC button to turn off.  Talk to Kaw representative at show and called Team Green, took bike back.  They found more problems, must have been made on a Friday, but they felt it best to replace the whole wiring harness.  Thought they had one in stock, yep, for the non-KTRC model, so the harness is now backordered.  It must have know that the rains where going to finally show up in So Cal and just wanted a break from me.  I have raced District 37, have owned dirt and road for at least 30 years now, blown up motors, blew out suspension, broke this and broke that, but this is a first, never killed a wiring harness on a bike that never been layer down before.   :truce:

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Re: Wiring Harness getting replaced under warranty, C-14
« Reply #1 on: December 05, 2014, 04:14:50 am »
42K and this is your first post? Man, you have patience!  :D

Welcome!Replacing an entire harness is a big job. Good to hear they stood up for you and didn't try to weenie out of it.

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Re: Wiring Harness getting replaced under warranty, C-14
« Reply #2 on: December 05, 2014, 10:08:38 am »
So it is just thins one wire that is improperly spliced or are there other circuits affect also?  I know I would be VERY reluctant to have the entire wiring harness replaced when a proper splice (and I agree, just wrapping tape is NOT a good way to splice here) would very likely fix the problem.

I did have a similar problem years ago on my (then) new 1979 Sukuki GS850.  I was having a recurrent problem with the electrics and it was clear to me that there was a grounding problem on the bike.  The dealer said the entire wiring harness was bad and needed to be replaced and I thought that was B.S.  After obtaining a wiring diagram and studying it for a bit, I knew which wire was bad and just traced it along its route.  There was a section under the fuel tank that was bundled up and by the process of elimination I knew the fault was in the bundle.  After cutting that bundle open I found that a factory installed splice was not properly crimped and was causing an intermittent ground connection.  After replacing that with a new crimp-splice connector the problem has no recurred to this day.  I sold the bike to a friend some 20 years ago and he still rides it!

My biggest concern is that the wiring harness for most vehicles, and I'm sure the C14 is no exception, goes in VERY early in the assembly process.  So to get it out PROPERLY, you have to almost completely disassemble the bike.  This is more difficult than pulling the engine in my opinion.  Since you indicated that the bike was good while the taped splice lasted, why not just fix (or have fixed) the splice properly?

I'd be very surprised if such a major operation doesn't cause MORE problems down the road than it fixes.
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