Author Topic: Yet another expensive lesson---never bought the spare fob and--you guessed it...  (Read 9274 times)

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Well I can see that my last post resulted in several missing my point. Matt, how many of us riders can tell if this bike is UNMATCHED by the competition? Or truly care? Perhaps you are a pro rider that takes it to the limit more often than not. I'm just an old man who loves motorcycles and cruising through the twisties at grin inducing speeds. I don't need the worlds best to do that. I am not writing off the bike, it is Kawasaki I'm writing off. Just my way to protest the way they treat their customers with this system, and my experience with them with their jetskis. You deplete your wallet of a cool grand because you lost your key and maybe you won't be so rah-rah anymore. You snipe about it being my fault  as though you are mistake proof in your life. But your Kawasaki patriotism has blinded you to the reality of what this system has done to its owners. How many have bought several extra fobs, hid them in clever places, added electronic trackers, and fancy lanyards, all to keep from going through what I did. Name me any other vehicle that engenders that kind of fear of losing a simple ignition key. And for those who say KiPass works, I never will argue that , but does anybody know the data that supports such a punishing design, like maybe 83% less stolen Concours than FJR's for example? I don't see how anyone can make a case for this design as being worth the potential cost.
I've had enough motorcycles in my life to know that this is not the end all be all motorcycle that screams buy me over any other similar type and ignore the wringer Kawasaki puts the customer through when I act as a human and make a mistake. And guess what...if they modified the design it would still be an UNMATCHED motorcycle. Just one that wouldn't piss off its customers as much.
So at the end of the day I make  my protest my way, with my wallet. My now bruised wallet.
I agree that there should be another option for replacement of lost fobs. However, When I lost ONE of my fobs I immediately, (yes immediately), ordered a replacement. I knew the consequences of losing both fobs and I took it seriously. Having done so I insure I would not be in your particular position.
 As far as "voting with your wallet" goes, you have already bought the bike. Selling it now will only hurt you since the resale on these bikes is s***. That is part of what makes these bikes unmatched in the marketplace. They can be had for cheap, they require little maintenance to run for an exceptionally long time. I ride hard, I do track days from time to time. There is simply no other bike with the capabilities of this bike for the price range that you can get this bike, PERIOD. Ride hard, ride easy, ride somewhere in between, the same still holds true. I looked at an FJR when I totaled my '12 Connie. 3K more for the FJR for electronic preload adjustment and cruise control? Really? HELL NO!  Cruise set me back 240$ I invested all the saved money in new suspension and an Area P full exhaust. My connie will out-pull any FJR any day of the week and get much better mileage doing it. Not to mention I can run circles around just about any bike I come across. (most can't ride, the rest don't have enough bike). Sure there are faster and better riders than me and I can live with that. I have exactly the bike I want and I DID pay a lot for this muffler!   :))
I can appreciate your frustration and even anger, however, had you read the manual and understood the consequences, (apparently you did), and took the chance on having only 1 fob the blame unfortunately lays SQUARELY on you. I have made more than my fair share of mistakes, I take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for each and EVERY one of them though. If I make a mistake, I do what is required to make it right, regardless of what it costs me personally. That is just who I am.
I really am sorry that you lost your key fob and had such an expensive lesson. Many other manufacturers of bikes also use a key fob like Kawasaki. So they are all bad too?  I know HD at least allows you to input a code using the bar switches if you lose the fob. What if you lost the code?  Is it then HD's fault again?
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permanently mount(3M tape) the passive fob on the steering column and just have a couple ignition keys cut and treat the bike like all the other bikes you have owned without Kipass.

Another good idea. I had extra keys made so I may try this.  :great:
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