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"My New Vintage Project"
« on: April 16, 2012, 04:29:11 pm »
My "New Vintage Project". 

  After having my Connie setting up for a year and a half, some due to illness and the majority being from my work schedule which is working a 2nd shift from late afternoon 5p.m. and usually don't get home till 3a.m. to 5a.m. in the early morning hours. So, off to the dealers for a oil change and update the inspection sticker and get a general diagnoses of her health. Everything was a good check. She is a 1999 model, deep mica purple that looks black depending on the way the sun is shining. 48,325 miles. My thought was after this riding season I had planned on wanting to buy a new C-14. Well, after tax, title, drive out, I just said OK, smiled and paid my bill for services rendered which by the way have gone-up considerable since the last service and headed out the door for the ride home and had plenty of time to think about buying a new Connie. I have determined that I am going to have to learn to wrench and change my own oil and do the easy stuff. Since I have owned her and I am the 2nd owner, I have added a Rifle windshield, knee savers, a super brace, Russell day long, Givi trunk, HMVP bar ends, with regular maintenance check ups by the dealer. Rejoined COG, With all that said, I am "not" going to be purchasing a new stead to put under the carport. As the saying goes, "Its cheaper to KEEP Her". I can put a couple of thousand into her and have what I want then...LOL...

So, my dilemma is living here in Houston close to Memorial Park does anyone know of someone who is a decent mechanic that maybe able to assist me in further upgrades. I am looking at having to change out the brake-lines at the end of summer and will be wanting to do more farkleing adding at a later date a Bergman oil mod, 7th gear and carb mods. I have a carport, not a garage.

Look forward to hearing and seeing pictures of the "Wildflower ride" and the Nationals in June.