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Carb sync tool: beg, borrow, rent, lease, steal . . .
« on: July 20, 2011, 10:35:01 am »
My flirtation with a C10 is occasioned by my cosmetically trashing a friend's Connie while borrowing it while visiting him in Seattle.  I live in Fla.  I've since purchased a very nice Connie, with a plan to either swap bikes or to swap the cosmetics via UPS.  (I live in Florida).

In either case, the carbs on "my" Connie are in need of a good sync, but also in either case, me and the Connie will part company soon.

Consequently, I wanna borrow or rent a carb sync tool and I'm willing to post a handsome deposit to ensure prompt and undamaged return.   No slam on the Connie, but I'm a tepid fan of four cylinder bikes, and will likely never again have a need for a four cylinder carb sync tool.  Hence borrow/rent is more desirable than buy.

If you're considering helping me out, consider that I'm in the position of trying to put my friend back in the same position he was in before I borrowed his bike.

Any help much appreciated.  Please PM me, or email to   halmc attt halmc dot com