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Color for the project bike....FOUND IT!!!
« on: November 05, 2009, 10:02:00 pm »
Finally found it. I'd asked for some color schemes, got some good ideas, and just waited until something felt right.  Tonight, while perusing eVilbay..... I got one heck of a deal on some paint for the upcoming project bike.     I got 2 quarts of House Of Kolor, Kameleon Green to Purple (KF04) for $150.  This stuff is usually $340 per PINT, I got 2 quarts for $150.  That's about 1/9th the normal price for this paint, and I'm feeling pretty good.  If anyone has ever seen MoB's COG-zilla, this is a different color, but still the color-changing stuff.        Over $1300 worth of paint for $150.......I AM FRICKIN STOKED!!!!!  I'll be in the garage  COG 6425, CDA 111 a through g  
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