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Connie Review - Feb 2012 Cycle Canada
« on: December 25, 2011, 03:10:24 pm »
Well, the good folks at CC have finally seen fit to do a review of David Lowery and his 1995 Connie.  Couldn't find him on the members list and not sure where's he's from.  Anybody know him?  He's got 164,000 km (say 100k mi) and has shipped his Connie to Europe twice ($4k a pop and it goes on the same flight as you).

It's a 2-page article that flips back and forth a bit between Dave's bike and its mods (big bore, cams, shield, pipes, seat, etc.) and the original test ("Old Faithful") they did in 1986 ("... for those who take serious pleasure in riding far and fast there is no better pick than the Kawasaki Concours."). 

I like the word "serious" - it reminds me of my last $274 ticket.

They tested it beside a K100LT and recommended that people who wanted to have a bike that lasts more than 5 years should grab the BMW.  Ha!

On the news stand as we speak.
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