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Re: Coolant Leak Help
« Reply #50 on: December 09, 2018, 11:30:41 pm »
I wouldn't be to worried about finding a deflector, as I see you are in the Northeast...

if you were in an extremely hot climate, maybe, but the part is more of a p.i.t.a. to keep in place during a valve check, than the benefits it provides...

it's p/n

14024-1267   COVER
92093-1214   SEAL
and 2 rubber bits that hold it in place by friction
92075-1446   DAMPER   2pcs

seriously, I wouldn't search one down, the engine will have better airflow "up top" without it... :motonoises:

To what gain?

IMHO - it's main benefit is "deflecting" a lot of the road crap thrown up by the front wheel and keeps it from collecting on top of the valve cover. Not really a PITA during valve adjustments either. Just disengage it's two catches and push the backside down below the lip where the valve cover sits on top of the cylinder head. When done and you've checked for oil leaks, pop it back up into place and re-engage the two catches.

you and I have pulled valve covers off enough, that we hold the cover in hand a shout at it "get in there" and they magically jump into place, some folks still pinch the defelctor, and have leaks, as a result...
Wasn't trying to say "remove it", just saying if it was missing, it wasn't a big dealeo.. as it sits in a very protected area, and the $60 or so for new parts may be a cost savings better utilized on gasoline.(or high quality silicone 7mm Accell plug wires).. :motonoises: :beerchug:
My 86 was intact, never had an issue, but I didn't find it to be all that protective as far as debris migration goes... but then again, I didn't "swamp buggy" that bike a lot... heavy rains ...yes, and many times you and I were together on those drenchings....hehehehehe
and it probably did a great job keeping the firehose douching off the top end.. can't say for sure, but I assume it was doing it's job.
COGZilla bike was missing that part from the start, never missed it, and as it was a nekid bike when I finished it, it really made little difference down the road.. it's absence did provide better cooling on that bike tho, as with no real fairing to "funnel" air thru the radiator, and around the engine, it let heat out.. which was ok with me..

I see your point, I'm just cheap.
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Re: Coolant Leak Help
« Reply #51 on: December 14, 2018, 05:24:15 pm »
A lot of great info here. My 2005 just started leaking from the thermostat area. Not sure of if it is a O ring or what. This has pointed me in the right direction. Pulled the tank and started looking, I can see coolant leaking down between the two right hand cylinders. Going to order new hoses and gaskets-O rings. Thanks all.
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