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Current C10 values
« on: February 12, 2018, 01:09:45 pm »
I see lots of bikes on Craigslist that just don't move.  I'd like to know what good C10s are actually selling for.  Sales in last calendar year only please. 

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Re: Current C10 values
« Reply #1 on: February 12, 2018, 01:40:05 pm »
For a good idea of what any bike is sellin for,
nation wide, peruse the “SOLD” listings on eBay.
Forget about asking, perceived or so called
“book” prices. This is what the bike actually sold
for and assumes both buyer and seller were
satisfied, if not happy, with the transaction.

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Re: Current C10 values
« Reply #2 on: February 12, 2018, 03:58:32 pm »
bought my 94 a year ago for $1250.  15k miles.  no side cases but did have antlers.  No inserts for body panel just below the seat.  Broken front fairing near left mirror due to tip over.  it was repaired, but not properly.

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Re: Current C10 values
« Reply #3 on: February 12, 2018, 04:25:44 pm »
It's going to depend solely on the history of the bike, and what can be proven.

Undocumented, no real service history: 1000-1500 dollars.

Stuff with REAL value adds, like SISF carb job, jbox rebuilds, newly documented tires, stuff like that: 2000-2500.

I sold my 02 project bike, and while it wasnt perfect, it was pretty damn good, and ready to ride cross country and it went for 2200. Lost a little on it, but learned a lot.
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Re: Current C10 values
« Reply #4 on: February 13, 2018, 06:54:33 am »
I sold my 2006 w/ ~35,000 miles on it to a friend for $2000.  I may have asked a little more if I had tried to sell it on Craigslist - but ultimately would have settled for that.  Glad it went to a friend though.  I think I paid close to $3,000 for it three years ago, with 11,000 miles on it.  It was in very good shape and I really enjoyed it for 24,000 miles  I would have kept it under different circumstances.  I didn't buy an older bike as an investment and don't feel like I 'lost' $1000 on the deal - though I put more than that into it over the three years I had it, with tires and maintenance.  My friend thinks he paid a fair price.  The sad fact is:  great though the bike is, they don't have a high resale value. 
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Re: Current C10 values
« Reply #5 on: February 13, 2018, 10:02:55 am »
About four or five years ago I sold my C10 to a dude at work for $1500. I set the price that low because he was a friend and co-worker and I wanted it out of my garage. Then a week later I find out that he "flipped" it. Sold it to another fellow out of state for two grand. He made a cool five hundred bucks thanks to me. But that isn't the end of the story. About a month later the guy from out of state calls me and wants me to send him a duplicate title because the guy I sold it to never registered the bike or put the bike in his name. All he had was the title I signed over to my co-worker. His DMV won't let him register the bike because of the way it was "flipped"... thought it was fishy. I said I can't help him that he'd have to contact the seller, have him put the bike in his name and then sign it over to him. (It is actually illegal to do what he did) Well, he called me back again and said that he can't get a hold of that guy. Keeps calling and leaving a message and now his VM mailbox is full and won't let him leave anymore messages. So I ratted him out and gave him his work phone number as well as his work cell phone number and his supervisors work cell number. He made five hundred bucks, so let him do something for it, right? Never heard back from him and I stopped speaking to that dude at work. (He worked in a different division in a different building, so I rarely saw him anyway) I hope it had a happy ending.   :motonoises:
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Re: Current C10 values
« Reply #6 on: February 13, 2018, 01:40:51 pm »
In 2010, apparently, based on COG membership records, I paid $2000 for my 1987.  It was at a no-brand dealership that guaranteed only that the bike would start and run, as demonstrated by an employee in the parking lot.
Cosmetically it was in good shape and I trailered it home to Long Island.

FYI it was my plan to make a zero-cost swap of my 2006 Boulevard C50 which the dealer pegged at $2G for the trade in.  (An '06 C50 was about $3500 in the classifieds at the time, if you could do the retailing to get top dollar).  The Concours was priced a little higher than that but it came down for the deal.  Next a guy at work says he wants the C50 for $2G so I let him have it for cash.  Last twist was the dealer took the agreed $2G for the 87 connie but wrote it up so the price was lower with some fees tacked on to bring it up to $2G.  I assume that was in case of buyer's remorse or an accident causing financial blow-back.
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Re: Current C10 values
« Reply #7 on: February 13, 2018, 03:35:13 pm »
I got lucky on mine, a good friend had it.

its a long story but here goes. about 5 years ago, he had bought this concours for super cheap. he really didnt want it, went and looked at it, and wanted to see how it was compared to his old wings and sprint 955. So, he checks it out, and then lowballed the guy because he figured he wouldnt bite. He did. got it for like 500 bucks. so noe he has 2 gold wings, a sprint 955, and this concours. lol.

at the time i was married, and my father in law had had a concours his wife had made him sell because she wanted him to have a harley. keep in mind, they were in their late 60's at this point. he folded but always missed his c10.

So, tome let me have his concours for exactly what he had in it, 500 bucks.  condition being i couldnt sell it to make aprofit and he had first right of refusal.

so, i got it running, and gave it to Joe, my ex father in law.  only needed a battery and a tire, which i told him i would instal if he bought it. (xmas present for him at age 70)

his wonderful (sic) wife was NOT happy about it. all he had to do was buy a 100 dollar battery, and she wouldnt let him do it.   so, about 14 mos later, he gave it back to me, i then gave it back to tom who rode it for a year on and off after fixing the few issues.

fast forward a few years, wifes no longer in my life, and toms good witht he 78gl. so, the concours get available again.  i had sold him a stock rd350 a year earlier, and he wanted chambers, elec igntion, etc. so he offers to let me have the same concours for all this to the rd.  i hooked him up with soem rare torque engineering chambers i had been hoarding, a brand new elec igntion, tuning, cables, jetting, and lots of nos rd parts i had to make  it pretty and nice.

he just signed bike over to me. id say it was about 1k of time labor, but he had done the tires and battery. we were both happy.

thats the concours i have now.

I don't think its bad to sell something from a friend and make some $ as long as you give the friend 1st right of refusal and let your intentions known up front, especially if you had put some sweat equity into it.  but profiting off a friend for the pure sake of profit is a great way to have one less person in your life.

of course, ive doen work tot he concours, and if i ever let it go, tom has 1st dibs.  thats the way it should be.

my .02