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Cut and Welded Hybrid '88 and '05 Fairing Stay
« on: March 06, 2012, 12:20:39 am »
I am in the process of bringing over an '88 body to an '05 frame and engine.

Wanting to retain the newer style fairing inner's and gauges meant the unbent '88 stay wasn't going to work.  The '05 was bent in too many ways to straighten.

So, the gauge support bar as well as the fairing pocket support tabs had to be cut off of the '05 stay, and welded to the '88 stay.  (1st, the '88 pocket support tabs had to be cut off.)

As anticipated, the mockup fit sows everything fits like it should.  I may need to shim the gauge cluster up closer to the rider, to compensate for the dual bend found on the top bar of newer stays, where the older ones are straight.  (The last link below, shows those differences.)  It will require a half inch or less of shim, if any.

The extraneous fittings on the '88 that are no longer needed, were not in the way of anything and were left as is.  If I find something IS in the way - cut off wheel will quickly remove.

Here's one pic of the hybrid:

More pics of the hybrid, including comparos of the different sized fairing pocket support tabs:

Here's the stays before surgery:
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