Author Topic: Do you retorque the bearing preload when putting the swingarm back on?  (Read 487 times)

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Manual says to, of course, but I've generally been using common sense, because the manual specifies 2 torques -- one for the locknut, and one for the adjuster. Well unless I've got a very expensive through-hole torque wrench (and accompanying sockets), getting the locknut torque isn't gonna happen while holding the adjuster steady.

So what's the right way to skimp here? So far I've just been using german torque on the pivot mounting bolts, and not messing with the adjustment at all. Alternatively, I suppose I could mount the pivot, then set the adjuster torque, then torque the locknut separately, but I'm sure there's a good reason the manual says to hold the adjuster while torquing the locknut...

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Re: Do you retorque the bearing preload when putting the swingarm back on?
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I'd have to say preload on the swing arm nut is critical.  Fortunately, you don't have to sell the farm for a fancy wrench.  Get a metric crows foot wrench to torque the nut while holding the torqued preload pivot shaft with a hex wrench.  To get the correct torque with the crows foot attached (without calculating), turn the crows foot so it's 90 degrees with respect to the shaft.  That's it, your done.

Here's a set from Home Depot for under $15.  That's probably cheaper than you could buy a single wrench.
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