Author Topic: How to assess U-joint and driveshaft condition before a 550 mile ride?  (Read 322 times)

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On my 2000 Connie, what is a way I can determine if the drive shaft U-joint is in good condition?

I am going through my 82,000 mile bike and getting ready for a 550 mile ride up to Oregon. On it's centerstand and in gear, the rear wheel rocks about 1 1/4" and it makes a greasy clunk and a greasy click when the slack comes out of the drive components. I just changed the 90 weight rear wheel oil, the drain oil was OK in color for 2 years of use. I do not notice anything out of the ordinary about the drive shaft during my 5 day a week 15 mile 900 foot hill commute.

More or less, I am doing all the maintenance I can think of.  It looks like drive shaft work requires removing the rear tire, which I don't want to do until tire time comes up in about 3000 miles. Thanks for some drive shaft commentary.

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I wouldn't sweat it. There is no maintenance that can be done to the u joint. If it isn't clunking while shifting you are ok.
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