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Important notice
« on: May 24, 2011, 11:30:43 am »
If you purchased a set of my Highway pegs before 04/21/11 there may be a flaw with the inner stud.
During installation over tightening of the stud may cause separation of the stud from the stand-off.
I absolutely hate to admit that I made a mistake; my belief in a quality product and honor come before pride.
Originally I was using a hydraulic press and pressing the stud in with an excess of 1300psi.  I would then drill and pin the two pieces together. 
There are three sets out there currently; I will be trying to send those people a message today.
If anyone is suspect to having an early model production stand-off please contact me.  I will powder coat and send you out two new second gen stand-off (no charge). With these 2nd gen's the stud is threaded into the  stand-off.  The more you tighten the stand-off; the tighter the stud gets.
Again I apologize for this and I will absolutely try and make it right to you.
On the bright side  no one has ever choked to death swallowing their pride
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