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INTERMITTENT sticky throttle?
« on: September 01, 2018, 07:59:45 pm »
I'm not much of a mechanic so I should probably just take it to a shop ..... but my gut tells me this should be something I can figure out. My throttle "sticks" about half the time. Sometimes the throttle will snap back fine and it idles right at 1100 (happily and sounds great) and sometimes it will rev to about 3K and try to stay there unless I actually push forward on the throttle and if I let go it will start accelerating/revving again. All this can happen several times within the course of a ride. If I jerk the throttle a few times pretty hard when its trying to accelerate on me it will stop its bad behavior (sometimes). Its still quite warm here so I have yet to even touch the choke. There is a cruise control with a vacuum tank but I have disconnected the solenoid and the symptoms didn't change. There was also a throttle lock and I took that off and replaced it with the stock bar ends just in case.

I have taken off the bodywork and tank and verified that the throttle cables (push & pull) don't seem to be bound or making any severe turns the best I can looking at the Clymers manual (not sure I would put a lot of faith in my abilities, but it was worth a try). I took apart the casing by the grip and they don't look stuck or worn/frayed there and I lubed a bit. I have lubed the crap out of the cables (perhaps even too much). I assume it could be something with the carbs being sticky, but honestly if it involves taking them out or disassembling them than its probably best done by someone else. Taking things apart isn't so bad ..... its getting them back together that worries me. Am I overlooking something simple that I can try? Does it sound more like a carb issue or am I just crazy and none of this is actually happening at all and I should up my Geritol?

Its a 2004 that the previous owner put overflow tubes in on the carbs apparently within a few months of selling it. He seemed fairly knowledgeable but who really knows? Thoughts, ideas ..... maybe even someone who has had the same symptoms and a solution?
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