Author Topic: Looking for a good, honest mechanic in SW Michigan to replace bevel drive gasket  (Read 365 times)

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I think I've narrowed the oil leak on my 2001 to the bevel drive gasket.  Cleaned everything good and went for a short drive, and it the water pump area is clean, but it seems oily around the rearward part of where the drive meets the motor, which puts the oil leak right in front of the wheel.  (At least my old Honda has the decency to leak it's oil from the valve cover gasket, where it adds to the patina of the engine) 

Anyway, I'm pretty slammed at work now, and would rather pay someone to fix it than take the time to pull the whole rear end apart.  (That would be interesting if I had the time)

So I'd appreciate any guidance to a good mechanic in the Kalamazoo area, if anyone can guide me!
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