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Looking for previous owner
« on: February 05, 2018, 06:01:53 pm »
I recently purchased a 95  Concours from a gentleman in KINGSTON, TN. This is my 2nd Connie and really enjoying thus far. He stated that is belonged originnaly to a COG member and would make sence as came with COG keychain. He only owned it for a short time and sold due to hip issues and not comfortable able to continue enjoying. I would like to connect with original owner if possible to to learn about its history. here are a few clues:

1. 1995 Red color
2. approx. 30,000 miles at time sold to previous before me.
3. COG Keychain
4. tnironbutt decal on front lower windscreen (now removed)
5. Blue LED accent lighting
6. Bestem rear trunk (wired)
7. Came with additional OEM windscreen and extra bag
8. White ZX-10 Decals on lower fairing (now removed)

I have tried to post this previously (3rd attempt) and has never worked so if it shows up in duplicate, sorry! I also tried to post pictures and that may have been causing posting issues.

If you know this bike or know someone who does, would love to hear from you-message me. Love the bike and thought I could connect with original owner to learn more about its history. To my understanding, the person I purchased from only had it less that a couple of years. I'm in Maryville and picked it up in Kingston, TN.

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Re: Looking for previous owner
« Reply #1 on: February 07, 2018, 05:33:36 pm »
The COG membership database shows one member in Kingston TN, so the odds are good that's the previous owner. 

I would suggest you provide your AD or AAD with your contact info and have him reach out to the likely PO on your behalf.  Then the PO has the option to contact you or not, and his personal information is not shared without his consent.


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Re: Looking for previous owner
« Reply #2 on: February 07, 2018, 06:49:12 pm »

There are ways to looks up members by name or city/state.  There is no way to look up a member based on the bike, unless someone can who knows the person can make a connection using the details mentioned.

To look up a member by name or city/state...

  • This spring you will receive a copy of the annual Member Handbook/Directory. You can look up any active member who made it into the book at publication.
  • Use the Member List search feature that is feature found in the Member Area on the COGMOS membership portal at
  • As mentioned, contact your AD or AAD, or membership officer. They will probably provide the contact info directly. I don't see an issue where they would need to be an intermediary. As a member you would have access to the info directly using the handbook or online look up.

Good luck.

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