Author Topic: Maybe saw one of our forum members on red C-10, loaded for a trip, heading west  (Read 259 times)

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I was leaving Spokompton heading home to Moses Lake from a business trip in the company car around 3:30 PM. traffic was heavy, so was glad you were minding the road, but I gave a few honks til you looked, gave a Victory/Peace/thumbs up and you slowly pulled away from this psycho. Your bike was nicely loaded for what must be a week plus trip, so I was jealous.

So I get back to the plant, drop off car, grab my tuck and am headed finally for the barn and I see you again! Pulling out on SR-17 from by the home depot, you looked hot but stayed geared up. Just saying hi!
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LOL... Never hearing of Spokompton, I googled it and found this:

Spokompton, AKA Spokane is a stagnant rotting settlement in eastern Washington State near the Idaho border not totally but largely populated by losers of various sorts. Any talented local youth wastes no time escaping Spokompton shortly after high school.
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