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Pattern gasket sets
« on: January 04, 2018, 05:50:42 pm »
Hi, another question from me! Pattern full gasket sets. Looking on ebay UK, there is a massive difference in price, for appears to be the same kit  :o
Part number 996950 'Sky Racing' brand, complete engine gasket set.
I've found this set listed for my A9, £76.44 delivered. I've also seen what appears to be the exact same picture, part number, but for the A5, for £130!
Then there are dozens of listings for every model A1-A9 at prices anywhere in between £76-130, then one listing for the same part number, for 86-06 models!
I was looking at piston liner seals, incase I need to lift the barrels on my engine, when I replace the head: the 3 O rings on each liner, genuine parts, cost almost £100, hence searching for pattern parts...
Has anyone used this brand? A pattern head gasket cost me £40, I may just buy a full set and do the whole lot, once the head is off I may need to hone the liners anyway... :-[