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Please Help!!
« on: October 16, 2011, 08:57:23 pm »
There are a couple things:

First- I just replaced my timing chain and installed SISF's exhaust cam sprocket and I am seriously questioning my timing situation and getting a little frustrated. Before I removed anything I took a black sharpie and on the throttle side I drew a straight line from the collar to the cam on both int and exh with the notion that as long as the lines matched up on install it would be fine (set it to tdc first of course). Well it is all back together and the lines on either cam are close to being even with top of the engine and when I take the slack up from the chain they move a little, still very close to the top of engine. Both lines are perfect as it came apart and it ran fine before (even though SISF says he cant believe it ran looking at the condition my carbs were in. Looking for some opinions on this. My gut says it is fine but my aprehensive side says "hmm just not sure".

Second- I installed new wires and connected a spark plug to them on both coils and one coil fires on both 2 and 3 but the 1 and 4 coil does not spark a bit. These have been off the bike for a bit and I am wondering if maybe I banged it around a bit and ruined it. I have not checked power to it but it seems that it should have power because it did when they came off. If anyone has a spare lying around and is interested in selling I am interested in buying.

   Man, I have been up to my armpits in work here with my toys between bike and 2 snow sleds. Just finished a huge job on my sled and my kid's needs a little bit but I am tired of fixing and not riding. I guess it could be worse, my garage could be empty.

Thanks, Kirk
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