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Seat Modification - Happy Customer
« on: February 22, 2012, 03:53:44 pm »
Hi Folks - I recently had the pleasure of doing business with Spencer Motorcycle Seat Mods and I am extremely satisfied. My Concours is now my home! I commute 130 miles a day and without missing a beat that searing pain would begin within 1/2 hour on my return trip home. I have tried Gels & other seat cushions with no luck; I was about to try beads when I came across Spencer's website - after reading several reviews I took the plunge and packaged/boxed the seat, shipped it by Fedex and kept my fingers crossed. Spencer corresponded with me by email every step of the way and I received my seat 8 - 9 days after shipping it. After examining the seat the only way I could tell it was worked on was by the firmness in the problem day later I nervously made my 130 mile round trip to and from work - "Pain Be Gone" is all I can say. This technician has resolved my problem with honesty and an skill. I will never use anyone else for a seat mod! What was the best part of this entire transaction? I did not have to sacrifice a meal in order to afford this. Good luck! - Gary