Author Topic: Tires & Common Parts List Pages Back Up  (Read 680 times)

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Tires & Common Parts List Pages Back Up
« on: March 28, 2012, 07:53:34 pm »
If you missed it, sorry it took me longer than I planned to get it on the web again.  If you didn't miss it, stop by and check it out.  It's basically the same thing as before, with some updates, in a different location.  The C10 pages are at the link in my signature and there's more there than the Tires and Common Parts pages, but they're the ones I look at the most.  Go 'up' a little and there's other motorcycle, VW and amateur radio stuff around too.

It's very simple, mostly because my web skills <?> are, but the plus is it works on about anything.  I've checked it from my phone before with no problems at all.  Nice, particularly for the updated common parts list in HTML.  I like HTML much better than PDF, but YMMV.

No ads, no scripts (from me anyway - I think the host has some?), no BS.  Wait - this is the internet right???
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