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What a ride
« on: September 04, 2011, 02:22:46 pm »
Well, I have learned that sitting in front of the computer on the forums can really make you feel like there is so much to do on the bike that maybe I should not ride it until I do a bunch of this and that. So last night I got together with some buddies for a ride around the lake and what a great night. Me and the wife and some close friends out on the open road watching the odometer roll is such a wonderful thing and even after thinking my bike is a time bomb from all of the reading I have done she is one smooth machine to ride. She is 25 years young, but you would never guess.
   I guess the moral to the story is; sometimes instead of getting so caught up in what you should be doing ( probably 40hrs of pm) just get on it and enjoy it.
  Of course the maintenance will NOT go undone. Kind of looking forward to the end of the season so I can send the carbs to SISF. :) :beerchug:
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