Author Topic: What Should I Ask For An Old Connie  (Read 302 times)

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What Should I Ask For An Old Connie
« on: September 07, 2017, 10:16:30 pm »
I have a 2000 Connie with 48,000 miles that runs like a top.  This was my combat, commuter for ten years. I have been an OCD COG self-wrencher since the day I bought it (new). Never crashed and I'm not a member of Connie-Droppers Club. I would not hesitate (due to any bike-related concerns anyway) to load up my gear and set out on a multi-thousand mile trip on this bike tomorrow.  All the standard Farkles one would expect: Genmar risers, Rifle windshield, K-Bar fork brace, Ventura rack, more.  I also have a 2006 decked out for touring, a1984 Honda SG 650 Nighthawk, a 1974 Honda CB 360, and a '74 CF 360 Scrambler.  I was out of commission for a couple of years.  I'm back in the saddle but don't ride nearly as much anymore and need to start reducing the size of my fleet.  My 2000 Connie is the one I would least hate to part with.  Can I get a few impartial opinions as to what that bike is worth?

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Re: What Should I Ask For An Old Connie
« Reply #1 on: September 09, 2017, 12:25:56 pm »
It all depends on who you ask and how bad they want one.  It also depends on how badly you want to sell it.  Looked on craigslist in Kennewick, WA and found one with 28k mi on it for 2000 OBO.  There are many that can be had around the country for less than $2000.  Generally if someone is asking 2 grand for something, they will end up selling for less.  When I bought my not perfect 05 5 years ago, the guy started at $2600 and I ended up buying it for $1900.  It sounds like you have a really nice bike so nobody can beat you up about flaws.  With that said most potential buyers all want the seller to drop the price.  Be ready for that.  Also be ready that even though we all love our connies, not everyone else does.  You could start at $2200 and sell for maybe $1800.  How much will you part with it for?