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Post by: smithr1 on February 29, 2008, 12:36:00 pm
Hi, I am bob and I dropped my Connie.  It was a dry sunny day but the drive way that I turned on was muddy and made of two ruts.  Once I got onto it there was no turning back and no getting  out of the rut.  At some point you just twist the wrist and hope for the best.  Did anyone ever tell you this bike is not built for off road mudding?  If not I am now.  Well somewhere in the process I manages to drop that sucker.  Nice soft grass and mud to land in though.  Well at least that is the tail of the first time I dropped anyway.  One more bit of advice.  If you do go mudding then the front fender likes to gall up with mud and rocks and it is a real pain to get out.  Tire gets red hot if you don't.  (  <p align="left">My Photos