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A little late, but here’s my story......
« on: July 30, 2018, 01:08:39 am »
Just discovered this section of the forum recently, and I realized that I too am eligible for the prized CDA number (that no one is giving out any more).

I am the (very) happy owner of a brand new blue 2017 C14, bought last year in May. I had a wonderful season getting to know the bike, and late in the season - I believe it was October 20th - a friend called up and offered me a free vintage film camera. Well, there was no way I could resist that and as he had bought a new Yamaha FZ-07 I took the Connie to go visit. After the visit I decided to go for a quick spin up the road, intending to turn around in a side road that has a little extra room next to the intersection.
It’s a dirt road.
I was tired from working the night before.
C14’s are top heavy.
While carefully puttering in a half circle with flawless technique I forgot to feather the clutch.
 Cough, splat!
 Terrible feeling really, knowing you are not hurt but afraid to look at what happened to the new bike.........
I did manage to pick it up using the time honoured butt-on-seat-lift-with-legs technique. Didn’t know I had it in me!
The damage is only a couple of minor scrapes to the left saddlebag and the left side of the fairing. Nothing cracked or broken that I have found so far, thanks to folding mirrors and foot pegs. The scrapes are barely visible to the un-informed, but I know they are there, and there they will stay as a reminder of what happens to tired people who are over-confident with heavy motorcycles.

Can I assign myself CDA#626 now please?

Andrew H.
Andrew H.