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A post I hoped to never make...
« on: December 11, 2015, 05:32:41 pm »
Last night I finished the remaining items on my list to winterize my C10 by draining the carbs and installing a battery tender pigtail.

After completing this I began the game of "Garage Tetris" of rearranging items around the perimeter walls so that I can fit the bike against the front wall allowing space in my too small garage to provide shelter for the bike along with my truck and the wife's car from the Minnesota winter.

In the front corner of the garage where I would be able to fit the C10 there are shelves on the wall that means that in order to fit the bike into it's Tetris position I would need to place it with the left hand side to the wall since the windshield would not fit under the shelves otherwise.  This placed me in the awkward position of trying to put the bike up on it's center stand with my back against the wall while trying to lean over under the shelves...not my brightest moment.  It was at this moment that the bike started tipping away from me.  I quickly tried to stop what seemed to be occurring in slow motion.  For a moment I thought I had managed to stop the momentum and felt a split second of relief, it was at this point that the weight of the bike plus the weight of the full tank of gas overtook my ability to stop it.

After enlisting the help of a neighbor to help me right the bike I surveyed the damage.  At this point it appears to be limited to damage to the front fairing by the right hand mirror and directional signal.  It looks like my first spring project will be learning how to do plastic repair.

In retrospect I realized that a far better option would have been to remove the windshield, and store it separately,  so that I could have put the bike on the center stand without my back against the wall.  Then if it had started to fall the wall would have prevented it.

So meanwhile I have time to research how to do plastic repair.  I would say I would do it as a winter project but I am not presently in the mood to move the bike again.

Does anyone have an extra front fairing that they need to get rid of cheap?