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Black Friday Drop 11-24-12
« on: November 25, 2012, 04:35:48 pm »
Thanksgiving here in Northern Michigan was unseasonably warm--it hit 60--so I decided to ride from Saginaw to the in-laws near Cadillac--about 160 miles on the backroads.
Had a great trip and beat the wife who drove her Ford up.  There were a few chuckles from family about how cold it was going to be tomorrow.  Sure enough, the weather channel predicted snow---not much, but the temps were in the low 30s by the time I hit the road.  I made it to Harrison and stopped for coffee, just to hold something warm in my hands.  My gloves actually did a decent job and my layered clothing wasn't all that bad...Still the wind chill made the low 30s feel like the sub-teens...One I had thawded out, I hit the road and made it the next 120 miles without a hitch.

I pulled into the driveway and parked the bike outside the garage, desiring to start a hot bath and bring my core temperature back into the 90s.  Went into the house, drew the bath and decided to go back out and roll the bike into the garage and get it over tight so the wife could park her car.  Once again, (this is #2--I haven't fessed up till now), I was rolling the bike from the left, not astride the bike--in order to get the bike over as far as possible.  As before, my 2005 C10 Connie leaned past the tipping point and I slowly laid her down on her side.  Notice I said this is the second time...Necessity being a real mother, I grabbed some tie downs and slowly winched Connie up right, using the garage rafters for anchor points.  No apparent damage, except the bath had just began to overflow...

Lessons learned:  a.  Let the wife park outside.
                          b.  Always stay astride when manuevering Connie.
                          c.  Always check the weather for the return trip.
                          d.  Keep heavy comforter handy for sleeping on the couch.
                          e.  Be prepared to shovel wife's car out in the morning.

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Re: Black Friday Drop 11-24-12
« Reply #1 on: November 25, 2012, 07:43:36 pm »
Welcome to the club.  :)

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Re: Black Friday Drop 11-24-12
« Reply #2 on: November 26, 2012, 02:55:13 am »
It took me a while to learn that you ALWAYS sit astride when moving Connie around.  I think a lot of us learn that one the hard way.  Glad to hear that neither you nor Connie was hurt.  And so it has now become my sad duty to confirm you as the 429th recipient of the uncoveted Connie Droppers Anonymous Award.  You have another tale to share around a Rally campfire.  My sincerest condolences!

The five most recent unfortunates:
0425 C14 Michael Lites
0426 C10 Elton Hammonds
0427 C14 Patti Fuchs
0428 C10 Bryan Pietersma
0429 C10 Patrick Winter