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I really didn't want to post here...
« on: July 20, 2008, 06:59:00 pm »
Well, it happened.  I was told it would sooner or later and yesterday it did.  I thought I was so cautious that it wouldn't happen to me, but in one quick second it happened  .    I was getting set up to ride to work on a beautiful Friday morning.  I was looking forward to the best part of my day - the ride to work!  I moved the bike out of the garage and put it on the center stand (in the grass of the front yard)... yea, you know where I'm going.  I always have had the thought that if the bike was on the center stand it was pretty solid... now I know.  Anyway, I was letting the bike idle and my son was getting on his jacket and helmet and all was well.  He wears a harness on the bike and we got that all set up and put him on the bike... still idling on the center stand (in the grass).  Then, I got on the bike and attach his harness to me and I feel the bike start to lean to the right.  I tried to put my foot down to stop the bike, but I'm just too far off the ground!  I jump off and my son follows - being attached to the harness was very lucky for us) and the bike goes over on the right side.  My first concern was my son, who was wondering why we jumped off the bike!  When I realized he was fine, I turned to the bike and started to see dollar signs and wonder how much damage I had done.  So much plastic... it must be in pieces.  I tried to pick the bike up and my son joined in to help, but I couldn't get her up.  Now, the ultimate in embarrassment... I had to ask my wife, 1st not to kill me and second, gulp, to help right the bike.  When I got the bike up the right side mirror had collapsed all the way in and I straightened her it out and it was fine.  I didn't notice any damage at all on the bike.  Not even a slight scratch!  It did fall in the grass, which I am again lucky for.  I am very thankful that my first (and last hopefully, but probably not) drop was damage free - to my son and me and to the bike.    So, I have a couple of questions... I did check the bike out and it looks fine, but are there any areas I should pay special attention to?  Has anyone else had the bike drop while on the center stand?  I would like to say I'll never park her on soft ground again, but that is impossible in some situations.  If she is parked on soft ground I think I will take her off the center stand first before getting set to go.  I think I could have stopped the drop if I were a few inches closer to the ground.  I'm not that short (5"11 - 32" inseam), but on the center stand I don't come close to getting my foot down.    Embarrassed, I am asking for my CDA number (does my son get one too?)...  I had hoped it would never happen, but it did.  

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I really didn't want to post here...
« Reply #1 on: July 21, 2008, 01:12:00 am »
Hi Jamey, sorry about your drop - but you and your son are OK, and that's the most important thing. I earned my CDA# with a center stand issue too: Center Stand Drop Link  I also got lucky and nothing broke. Unfortunately, I had my first real "all the way to the ground" drop on 7/12. Here's a link to THAT story: Ride Report with Drop Desc. For me, the only thing that broke was the right side rail that holds the side bag in place. I was able to get it welded for free, so I was really on without the part for about 3 days. However, in other posts I've seen people talk about: broken foot pegs, broken mirrors, cracked farings, and broken side bag brackets. If those are all still intact, I think you're probably safe. I'm also really careful, but am paying a lot more attention to my footing in addtion to my balance. I've had a couple of times now where my balance is fine, but my footing slipped. No drop, but I could envision it happening fast without much warning.     Ride safe, and let's hope it's a long time before either of our next drops!  
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I really didn't want to post here...
« Reply #2 on: July 21, 2008, 07:26:00 pm »
Jamey,    Here's the good news - You parked on the grass.    Here's the bad news - You parked on the grass.    Yeah, that's great (that you and your son are well), and the bike fell on the grass = no damage.    But just my 2 cents... I wouldn't park on grass generally... way too soft, and even if it looks level on the surface, under the sod, it could be very inconsistent. Areas of topsoil, or clay, or rock, etc. Those relatively narrow centerstand posts could easily sink in at different depths. Then, over she goes.    Now, of course I've been to campgrounds where the grass is so hard, you can't get a tent stake in with a hammer... I'd feel ok finding a level spot there... but most places, no.    If I had to park on grass, that I suspected wasn't as hard as concrete, I'd look for a board, branch, big rock, etc. something to make a more sure-footed foundation.    Or, if I was really organized, and, or rode a lot... I'd do what so many Connie owners do... they carry some kind of kickstand, or, centerstand support device. Guys talk about using a flatened soda can, or you can buy plastic discs made just for this purpose, they keep 'em in the fairing pocket.      
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I really didn't want to post here...
« Reply #3 on: July 21, 2008, 09:25:00 pm »
Jamey    Glad all are in one piece!    There is no real big deal to park on grass as long as you use the side stand not the center stand.    The center stand takes a very high percentage of the bikes overall 700lb weight, as its close to the center of  gravity of the bike. (Not technically true as the actual C of G is probably just forward of the carbs)    When its on the side or prop stand most of the weight is still on the 2 tires. So the trick is to buy a metal    or plastic side-stand disk to put under the side-stand when parking on gravel or grass. If you attach the disk to a string thats connected to the inside locking arm of the LHS glove box it helps to remember to pick it up when you leave!    e,g        Colin  Ps my thanks again to Mike Bryant who was kind enough to give me mine!     Colin Prior  Cogmos Committee Chairman  Lake Forest Park WA  COG#7767    
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I really didn't want to post here...
« Reply #4 on: July 22, 2008, 11:15:00 am »
Jamey,  I have a 2"X4"X1/4" peice of aluminum that I drilled a hole in and attatched a "disc brake lock" cable to.  The other end of the cable is attatched to the lower fairing mount on the left side of the bike.  I keep it under the strap of the left side fairing pocket "1990 connie" when not in use.  It works well on soft or uneven surfaces, actually leveling the bike a little if the slope is too bad.  I can set on the bike and drop the plate to the ground and position it with my boot without getting off the bike.  Same for retrieval, Just lean down, grab the cable, haul it up and stick it under the strap.  I did dunk it in red "tool dip" to match the "FAST" red color of the 90.  Only bad thing is the only color cable I've found sofar is bright orange. :(      1990 Aint she a pretty Tomato
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I really didn't want to post here...
« Reply #5 on: July 22, 2008, 12:28:00 pm »
I'm happy to hear you and son are OK.  Grass is a lot softer to fall on than pavement, that's for sure.  I would, however, suggest a careful look at the footpeg and bracket on that side.  It's probably OK since the ground was soft, but they will still get cracks in them from binding on foldup even if the ground is soft. DAMHIK.  Anyway, just look at the peg/bracket junction for cracks and if she looks good... fabulous, you're good to go.  A CDA for the low cost of utter personal humiliation... SCHWEET!  ;)  
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I really didn't want to post here...
« Reply #6 on: July 31, 2008, 10:30:00 am »
Jamey, CDA0280.  Welcome to the club.  Good advice from eveyone here for you.  Looking forward to meeting you at one of the rides or rallies.  Greg  COG # 7010/7010a Tracey  MA  CDA 0120  Connie Droppers Anonymous Awards Dude -CDAAD  99 Connie "Herrin Christabelle"  05 Ninja 250  
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