Author Topic: Common Parts that Break on a Drop. Fixes.  (Read 20027 times)

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Common Parts that Break on a Drop. Fixes.
« on: May 07, 2008, 01:10:00 pm »
Post your ideas in a new topic and I'll add here:   
 For the C10
Front foot peg brackets.    Since the front foot pegs do not fold up far enough the brackets themselves tend to either break or crack.  Always check these closely after a drop. carries an emergency replacement bolt that will get you by until you replace the bracket.  Some carry them just in case.  Murph also carries the brackets.  Some folks; including myself have grind down the pivot area so that the pegs swing up much higher.  See this link for instructions:   
Antlers  Have them welded.   
Mirror mount or just the fairing cracks near the mirror.   Buy new or used   
Replacing the mirror assembly for broken bracket (Post 93).  1) Remove the windshield.  Keep track of where the screws go.  2) Remove the screw on the top of the dash.  3) Remove each upper screw in the locking cubbies.  4) Pivot the dash forward.  5) Remove the 2 bolts on the mirror bracket inside the dash. Out it comes.  6) Reverse to put it back together with the new one (Murph has them).   
 Scratches on the bags   Sand them out.   
Cracked fairing repair tip (pjbaldes)   I used some of that foil tape used for hvac(you know air conditioners etc) duct sealing to hold together some parts while the epoxy was setting up. You can sort of mold it like tin foil that's sticky on one side. it has some structure to keep cantankerous pieces of plastic where you want them while it sets up.  I put a few strips in my bag just in case I need to tape something tapered or beveled together.   
For the C14 
Nub on the footpeg   Replace the footpeg   
 Various Fairing parts   Replace or repair as needed   
 Bag Cover  Replace or repair as needed   
Shaft Cap scraped  Replace or repair as needed
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