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Going down
« on: November 17, 2016, 03:05:40 am »
Well, I guess the Connie is pretty sexy because I've gone down on her twice... Oh, that's gotta hurt (I mean the bad joke). In the mid eighties I rode small bikes (GS400E and RD350). Then, no bikes until April of this year when I bought my 2004 Concours. Right away the top-heavyness was apparent and I have spent a great deal of time on my slow turn practice. My first drop was in a mushy camping field on my trip to Calgary. I carry a little chunk of plywood around for those kinds of situations. I plonked it down and proceeded to nudge it under the kickstand with my toe. It caught on the tufty grass, and as I got more involved in trying to finesse it under the kickstand I didn't notice until the bike started to go over onto the right side. Embarrassing, but my brother was with me and helped me pick it up. I got a bit wet, but no damage.
The second time was cruising through a campground near Campbell River, to check it out for possible camping with our car and trailer. I was being careful, but slow speed (around 3 mph, and a 2 inch diameter rock under the front wheel made me tip and then when I put my foot down there was a low spot, so smack. But, nothing was damaged. I make sure a regularly practice the slow turns and I am getting better at it. Oh yes, when you go into a slow turn... make sure it goes into first (not neutral). A couple of close calls that way.
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