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Connie Droppers Anonymous FAQ
« on: May 07, 2008, 12:59:00 pm »
HISTORY  Back in the early days a COGer named Kerry Perkins (CDA #1, former SWAD, now AAD for North L.A. and Ventura County, California) started awarding Connie owners who had the misfortune of dropping their bikes while standing still with a number... A Connie Droppers Anonymous number. Not an easy thing to do, as the prospective CDA recipient had to tell their tale of woe to the entire list.  This was initially done on the Micapeak listserver, 2000 subscribers strong. With all of Kerry's COG duties it became difficult to keep up with CDA numbers.    I've been a member of COG for a while now, and I've seen many of these tales of woe on the listserver. I had a few ideas (including lesson's learned being important to pass along), and asked Kerry if he would mind me taking over. With Kerry's blessing and wisdom, I've decided to take this on.    How to get your very own CDA number 
Pour your heart out in a NEW post in this forum with the following information:
  • Specify C10 or C14[/*]
  • State your Name, the date you dropped your Connie, your COG#
  • Tell us how it happened, the damage to the bike, and damage to yourself (if any)
  • Any Lessons Learned that you would like to pass along .
I will read your post and award you a CDA number if you meet the criteria.  Then you can proudly ;p  put your CDA in your sig if you choose!   

Drop definition:  List to be amended as needed.
1) Bike must be either at a stop or, if moving, then moving at less than 5 mph (aka parking lot speed). 
2) Some part of the bike (besides the tires) must touch the ground OR the bike is damaged by hitting something on the way down. 
3) Concours only. 
4) No crashes. 
5) COG members only - must have a COG #.

 DOWNLOAD YOUR CDA STICKER HERE. THANKS TO BRETT HATFIELD FOR CREATING.       Questions: Feel free to look me up and send me an email. My username is: habelsgtb  Amended 6/17/07 to include Drop definition.  Amended 7/14/07 to have folks specify C10 or C14.  Moved to the www.cog-online forum 5/7/08  Amended 5/22/08 minor edits to wording  Amended 8/23/08 Added COG requrement and CDA sticker download. 
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