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Title: Dropped in Slime
Post by: El Concourstador on October 26, 2017, 11:43:22 pm
Hello, my name is Tim and I dropped my Concours  :-[. But this time, it's on video ( When I played the video back, I could hear one of the fisherman saying "very slippery", but because I was wearing some very effective earphones, I didn't hear him. The MC Enterprises Canyon Cage did the trick and there was no damage. The TCX Goretex boots kept my feet dry!

This road was on the Butler map as part of the Texas Hill Country. It is Wayside Drive going west out of Wimberly, Tx. AKA County Rd 179. I saw signs about a sharp turn, so that's why I turned on the camera. I've crossed water before, but this is the first time the road bed was covered in some sort of slime. Even as we were pushing it, the back end was sliding around.

The lesson for me is to always get of the bike and check the surface before riding through water. I probably could have walked it across by myself.

The video goes on too long, but the action is all in the first minute.

Enjoy my stupidity.
Title: Re: Dropped in Slime
Post by: smithr1 on October 30, 2017, 03:33:07 pm
I watched as a 20 year moto cop dropped his goldwing the same way.  I made it through the same spot.  Sometimes life just takes a bite.   

My suggestion and what I try to do every time is to drive in the tire tracks of the cars.  They tend to be a lot less slick.  I also try to not do anything but coast through with zero input to the bike or lean.  Still... 20 year moto cop...  Life happens.   

I also learn not to follow to close to the guy in front in case he does drop.  I started into a long section like this behind a guy and he dropped in front of me by 20 feet.  I could not do anything but put my feet down and use them as outriggers helping to hold the bike level and balanced as water shot up my crotch and I supper slow mo swerved around him.  I did get around though.