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Duh, Huh
« on: June 30, 2008, 08:02:00 am »
  Hi I'm Tim and I'm a C-10 Connie dropper. About a week ago, I was leading a group of mostly Harleys from my   church group on a monthly ride about the countryside here. As we had just finished a ferry crossing and were   about to get on the main road the group kinda got out of order and a slinky effect began. Now the access road   was very steep and off cambered to the right. I move back up to the front of the group and wait for a vehicle to   pass and being very proud of our first ferry crossing, pull second gear, the bike stalls and I'm already committed to a right turn and my Feet are up on the pegs. I try to catch her with my right foot but find the road   surface covered with BB sized gravel. Well she falls over and hits the ground quicker than you can sneeze and I   just stepped off of her like a dead horse. But no harm done, Had a set of tip over bars from Murph's and they   saved the day except for my pride.These sort of things work very well when you have an audience with you, and   everybody got a big hee haw laugh out of it and being a bunch of Harley riders , were all very impressed with my   bike handling skills. And by the way, the bars make it pretty easy to reverse dead lift her back to a more proper   position with no problem. Lesson learned? DDDT........Don't do dumb things.  

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Duh, Huh
« Reply #1 on: June 30, 2008, 12:50:00 pm »
Timothy, CDA0275.  My 2nd drop was from me starting out in 2nd as well.  Next thing I knew I was on my side - no time to put a foot out.  Surprisingly broke my left mirror bracket though even with the tip-overs.  I try to be more conscienscous on making sure I'm in first gear now.  Welcome to the club!  Greg  COG # 7010/7010a (Tracey)  CDA 0120  Connie Droppers Anonymous Awards Dude (CDAAD)  99 Connie "Herrin Christabelle".  05 Ninja 250  
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