Author Topic: If it's going over make sure a LEO see it happen!  (Read 663 times)

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If it's going over make sure a LEO see it happen!
« on: May 19, 2012, 10:37:30 pm »
Short story - My bike went over on its side along the side of a major highway.

Long story - So, my brother in-law and I are 30 miles into our SaddleSore 1000 ride this past Thursday, May 17th.  We’re cruising down the highway about 5:30am (still dark) when I noticed flashing blue lights in my mirror.  I pulled over onto the shoulder of the highway when I could.  My brother in-law pulls over ahead of us figuring the ride will be over when I’m carted off to jail.  The LEO stated we caught his attention because my lights...Clearwater Glendas.  From where was stationed along the highway it thought I was car until I pasted him and he couldn’t believe it was a motorcycle.  He also thought I was riding a BMW and I had to correct him that the C-14 I was on is a much better ride and much less expensive.  So, we spent 20 minutes talking about motorcycles than anything else.  No infractions, no laws broken...just admiring a very cool motorcycle and three guys who like to ride.  I had remained on the bike the entire time and after about 15 minutes talking I shifted my weight on the bike and with the slope of the road shoulder allowed a slow but embarrassing tip over.  Fortunately, the Top Block protectors and the MC Enterprise small rear bag protectors did their jobs sustaining only minor scraps on both. 

I regain my composure we said our goodbyes, the officer wished us luck on the ride and off we went to complete the ride.

Lastly, the officer stated the State of Missouri has a vague regulation regarding motorcycle lights.  Apparently, the regulation states a motorcycle can only have one main light and one auxiliary light.  He just wanted me to know it exists...I’m keeping the lights.
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