Author Topic: Joined this group yesterday at high noon  (Read 689 times)

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Joined this group yesterday at high noon
« on: August 31, 2019, 08:09:13 am »
Joined the drop club yesterday. Was riding rural yesterday as weather was bout 15 degrees cooler. In the middle of nowhere, pulled my C10 off road and drove down a dim constuction road to take in a rare elevated panoramic lake view here in Louisiana.

On ride out in first gear the front tire broke through surface crust to become bogged in a powdery sand. Went full right lock with full forward motion stop! I had just topped off tank maybe 10 miles prior. Happened so fast I got fliped over right handle bar being driven by weight of bike into ground. Tried to roll out but right shoulder and head got driven into dirt hard. Funny it was my left hip that hurt on standing. Had to walk the limp out.

The C10 lay in dirt dripping gas profusely. Cut the ignition and surveyed the scene. Tried to lift bike. No way! Saw that little woman on You Tube lift a Harley. No way her way either, did wish she was there to help though. Was able to wedge a short log into seat tank jucture raising bike enough to stop fuel leaking. But could not lift it further. Just could not get a hold of it with any leverage and C10 was sliding away from me as tires did not grip at extreme angle.

Had to pace myself as heat of day was a problem. Was going to call for help but phone had over heated too by time I was ready to make the call. Finaly had to give up and walk out. Back tracking was lucky to find some constuction workers to give a hand. Took bout 3 hours post fall till I was wheels down and me up on paved road again. 

The bike suffered the usual mirror, tank, middle fairing damage on the right. Ugggh! I suffered heat then, and now beat with a stick feeling this morning. Not sure if from fall or trying to make the lift.

Take away? 1) C10 is not an all terrain vehicle. No substandard roads in our future together. Ever! 2) Now that she is damaged, will lay her over and try to perfect a way to pick her up without help. Thinking a strap across shoulders that attaches to points on C10 might make it possible in a variation of the women's lifting techinque of You Tube fame. Of note think I can lift the C10 maybe. Just could not get a purchase and proper angle to lift with my legs. Maybe some kind of strap will help. Take away 3) will place a bottle of water in my tool kit! 4) Without body armour I woulld have probably hurt more this morning. I always debate wearing it on hot days. But always do. Glad I did yesterday too.

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Re: Joined this group yesterday at high noon
« Reply #1 on: September 01, 2019, 10:51:29 am »
Nothing can beat a man with a plan and persistence!  :great: