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Kickstand Floppage
« on: October 06, 2013, 11:22:20 pm »
So about a week ago I stopped my bike, got off, and walked away about 15' for what was only a minute or two. Turned around to head back to my bike, and there she was, sad and frumpy laying on the left side. While I was away, the uneven pavement and slight slope caused kickstand to go out from under it, resulting in what looks like a low speed drop. Embarrassing enough knowing that multiple people drove by (and some I waved happily at) while I idly stood with my attention elsewhere, but the fact that it happened in my neighborhood and many of those who drove by know me made it even worse!

This is my second issue with the left side of my bike. The first one happened in May. My wife, her cousin and I were on a ride. My wife needed to stop to use the restroom. Her cousin got caught at a light a few blocks behind us, so we headed to the fast food joint to use the head. I stopped by the front door and my wife headed in. As she walked in the door I pulled into a spot, put the kickstand down (or at least I thought it was down) and started to put the bike down. Soon enough I realized that the lean was to far :-\, and that there was no recovering from that point. All my focus was to lay it down as gently as possible to avoid damage, and get it up before my wife or her cousin could see. Neither of them did see what happened, which was great. But the homeless guy that was near me was nice enough to SCREAM >:( DONT DROP IT!!!! OH GREAT!!! My wife and cousin didn't see it, but EVERYONE else that was in the parking lot did as a result of his blood curdling scream.  :-[ :-[ :-[ I promptly picked it up, took off my helmet and started laughing :D, trying to hide the  :'(. Now that there is a bunch of people staring :o, and a few standing by me :rotflmao:, my cousin rides in wondering what's going on, :truce: forcing me to explain what had happened to him and my wife. Instead of taking a small break, I promptly got back on my bike and  :motonoises:.

 I now look down at my kickstand every time before I lean the bike over!
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Re: Kickstand Floppage
« Reply #1 on: October 07, 2013, 12:22:15 am »
For a simple and straightforward tool, a kickstand sure can be a treacherous thing.  I think they get us all at one point or another.  I'm really glad that neither you nor Connie was hurt, and your incident does qualify you for the CDA Award except for one thing.

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