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My name is Sean. I, too, am a Connie Dropper.
« on: October 03, 2016, 09:39:50 pm »
I joined COG last year (Nov. 27,2016 COG#12178)). I didn't post about my drop at that time due to the fact I felt like a real dope. I bought my C14 on Sept. 17, 2013 in Medford, Or. We loaded it into the back of my pick up and proceeded home(Central CA). I did not ride it home due to a storm in OR and northern CA. I had absolutely no cold or wet gear. Didn't even have a helmet at that point, as this was my first street bike since college (27 years ago).
Once home, I did a couple of quick tours around town as I only had my motocross helmet. My Shoei would not arrive for 2 days.
On day three of ownership(Sept. 20, 2013), with new helmet securely fastened, I was ready to ride. I pulled my shiny new bike out of the garage and onto the driveway. I stopped and put the bike onto the side stand as I needed to get the garage door clicker out of my truck. Oh yeah, forgot to mention...My driveway has a slope...not drastic, but a slope nonetheless. So as I swung my leg off the bike, it proceeded to "follow the slope". Before I could catch it, it was on its side.  :'(
I do feel fortunate in the fact that a landscape boulder in my flower bed broke the fall of my new, shiny, beloved bike and the only damage was to the left side bag. See pic
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Re: My name is Sean. I, too, am a Connie Dropper.
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