Author Topic: Ohhhh.... Darn! (and other 4 letter explicetives)  (Read 1134 times)

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Ohhhh.... Darn! (and other 4 letter explicetives)
« on: July 20, 2016, 06:28:58 pm »
Well, not my first "drop" as I'm a budding "Cone Head". However, by far, the most embarrassing and rather spectacular "drop" yet.

It's been years since I visiting relatives in Colorado. So we set up our event in Canon City and have a family get together. Of course, I ride my Connie out from NC Oklahoma, leaving in a Severe Thunderstorm and arriving at my overnite stay minutes ahead of yet another Severe Thunderstorm. That should have told me something.  ;D

After visiting with the family and they went off to d their things, I go off to do mine. I'm heading to Cripple Creek via High Park Road just to see how it's really changed over the years. Last time I was there, it was pre-gambling and it was a quaint village primarily working off the tourist trade. Gold prices had not exploded yet.

Anyway, I am really enjoying the beat from the heat of the lower elevations. I am also admiring the beauty that only Colorado has in the higher country and really having to remember that I want to "see" the natural beauty and not become part of it!. I am pulling off and turn outs and grabbing a photo or two and various points. I get this this one turn out.... It's kind of steep, the nasty red gravel is kind of loose, dang, this thing is wallowing..... No, I didn't drop it there. I did get uncomfortably close to a barbed wire fence though. I get my picture and get back on the bike, and even get going with some confidence, then I reach the road. There a 3 inch lip of asphalt to overcome, an incline, and altitude. The front tire get over OK. and back? Not so OK. It kind of squirrells in the gravel a bit, the traction control light flashes and then it's over! However, I am really low speed to the angle and incline and I'm heading to the opposite ditch. No good! over she goes right smack in the middle of the roadway.

Normally, at 1000' above seal level and amid the plentiful O2 of the great plains, I can pick up the Connie in short order. Today? at 8200' ASL, and gasping like a grass carp on the beach, the incline and altitude conspire against me and I get the Connie back up on rubber. I mean she's over on the incline with her wheels up in the air. This isn't good. Then someone breaks the crest of the road and I have to flag them, praying they will slow down enough not to bash me and the Connie into the surrounding scenery.

The folks slow down and get out thinking that I've crashed. I explain to them and all is OK, except that even the two of us can't get this bike back up. A few minutes later, a couple of strapping young lads show up. all of us, huffing and puffing get the Connie back up with the rubber down, but she won't stay up. even with the kickstand the incline is too much. so with them holding her up, I hop on, get her started, thank the wonderful folks and travel a bit more slowly and cautiously down the road. I am sure I looked a mess and I am reasonably sure the two young men were snickering the entire time thinking about "That old Coot on the sport bike" dropping it all over the roadway.

So the moral being, bite your pride, take an oxygen bottle along and by the folks that help you lunch if you can. My name is JD and I'm a Connie Dropper.

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Re: Ohhhh.... Darn! (and other 4 letter explicetives)
« Reply #1 on: July 21, 2016, 03:16:23 am »
It happens, and we don't get to pick when or where.  It is great that good folks and strapping young lads helped you with the save.  I forgot to put my kick stand down when we stopped for lunch and knocked my buddy over next to me....all in front of about 50 people on the patio eating lunch.  It was a proud day.
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Re: Ohhhh.... Darn! (and other 4 letter explicetives)
« Reply #2 on: July 22, 2016, 04:00:03 pm »
Yeah both generation bikes are a bear to pick up, even with help. Sometimes they get tired, and take a nap..
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