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Picking up Connie and Prevention Suggestions
« on: May 07, 2008, 01:12:00 pm »
Note - where it's a specific item for the C10 or C14 I will note it.    Picking her up[/size=4]    Skert's Pink Ribbon Rides - Carol Youorski shows her method of picking up a dropped bike.     From pfloydgad  This is the technique used to pic up most bikes, even a monster Gold Wing. I have tought this in a motorcycle safety course.  If on left side:  Turn handlebars as if turning left, squeeze front brake lever to lock front brakes, get feet positioned so when you lean into the bike toward the front brake lever the weight of the bike and your lean creat a lift angle. As bike comes up be careful not to put on other side.   I know this sounds tough, but once the angle of lean is established it really does come up quite easily. Of course if you have friends with you disregard these instructions and get them to help u. Odviously if it is down on its right side repeat this process from the right. The locking of the front brakes is the key to either side up-righting. Please be careful.   Ride safe, and pick-up safe.      From COGer Lawrence Osborne -  How to pick up a dropped Connie:  1. Get mad...very mad  2. Make sure adrenaline is pumping at max flow  3. Grab handlebars  4. Scream your favorite obscenity as loud as you can and HEAVE  5. Walk to other side of Connie and repeat. (added from suggestion by Kevin Brown)  6. Take Pain Killer to aleviate instant pain created in spinal column. (srt4driver)    Ideas on prevention[/size=4]    From Greg Habel  Don't wait till the last second to get your feet out before a stop.  Back up very slowly and make sure your feet are firmly planted.  Take the Experienced Riders Course.  Highly recommended.  Have a second person steady the bike before putting on the center stand.  Make sure you are in 1st gear when starting out.    C10 - Murph's Tipover Bars     From Stuart Scott  Make sure the bike is warmed up so it doesn't stall.     From Ken Brown  When trailering; put the sidestand down before taking off the straps.     Humor [/size=3]    From Mark AKA Dr. Zorlac Jones -  Construct a 6" high wooden form around the bike, say 3'x7', fill with .4 yds of concrete, wait a few days, remove the form, problem solved.    From Matt Thompson  put dual tires on the rear    From COGer Robert  Gently lay the bike down whenever it is not moving.    From Ken Idaho  never ride the bike slower than 70.    From Patrick Morin  Install training wheels in back.    From Brett Russell  Have a Gorilla riding pillion. Never have to worry about not being able to pick it up after that.  Good burglar protection also!    C14 Specific[/size=3]  From Nightrider - "Side stand needs to be watched carefully as it doesn't give that much of a lean and will collapse if the bike rolls forward even a little bit. I think I'll get in the habit of shutting down the engine with the kick stand while in first gear."
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