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Sooo sad
« on: September 17, 2012, 07:54:21 am »
Last November 2011, I was coming through a turn following a friend on a Friday afternoon ride from Ramona to Julian.  We came to a left hairpin turn that I misjudged, and tried to push down on the left bar.  Unfortunately, I looked up and right and the bike followed my eyes right off to the edge of the road into the dirt.  "Plonk" the bike came down on it's left side and I fell off at about 15 mph. I bounced off the pavement and the bike slid into the embankment.  I escaped pretty much unscathed (a small bruise on my left knee), but I hurt the bike bad enough to sell it after a short time.

The worst part is, after telling friends that I dumped in that turn, a few of them admitted that they lost it in that turn, too.  (arrrrgggghhhh)

It's no use. I have to ride. Period.

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Re: Sooo sad
« Reply #1 on: September 17, 2012, 09:07:44 am »
Glad to hear you weren't hurt too badly, but I'm sure sorry to hear about the bike.   I'm happy to announce that you do NOT qualify for the uncoveted CDA Award this time.  The CDA FAQ specifies Less than 5 mph (aka parking lot speed) and you're definitely over the limit.  Your incident is a Crash, not a Drop.  Don't worry though, most of us will encounter a Drop sooner or later.

And there's one more thing... You need to be a full COG member.  Don't worry, we don't make you drop it again after you've joined in order to qualify!  Most folks join if they hang around a while and like what we do here, so if you have a qualifying incident before you actually join, just drop me a line after that happens and we'll add you to the roster.

Just to avoid confusion, here are the instructions: How to Convert from Forum Subscriber to Full COG Membership

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Re: Sooo sad
« Reply #2 on: September 17, 2012, 06:55:39 pm »
Riding up the 78?  I know that route well.  In 2004 we were running to Julian from Coronado.  We had gone through the city and everything was packed so we decided to come down the back side and turn around a little later and try it.  There were 4 of us, myself and another new rider on CBR's, my one buddy Jimmy on a Vmax and another new rider on a Honda Shadow if I recall. 

On the way up the back side of the mountain, Jimmy was in the front, followed by Cbr F3, shadow, and then me keeping the 2 newbies together.  It was a slight left turn then a sharp, blind right hander which had debris in the road I remember from passing it on the way outbound.  The F3 makes the turn and was carrying a little too much speed and got scared.  He stood it up mid turn and planted it into the wall.  Upon impact, he flew up and hit a tree root that was sticking out of the clay and broke his collar bone and severely sprained his ankle.  As I was watching this happen, I remember saying out loud to my self to my friend on the shadow, don't follow, just control your bike, though I know he couldn't hear me. 

Jimmy never saw the crash in his mirror and of course couldn't feel his phone ringing in his pocket.  One of the cars that passed and never stopped, did catch up to him at the top of the hill and tell him about the crash and he came back down.   The lucky part was Mike crashed into the right side of the road.  Had he gone wide and left he would have been over the side and I think that would be the end of him. 

Now here's the kicker, he got the ambulance ride etc and we came back with a truck and scooped up his bike but our ship was getting underway the  next morning for a 3 week work up.  So after he got out of the hospital he had to come back to the ship and hobble around getting his stuff because we couldn't take him out to sea all banged up.  So he was left all alone in his apartment in Lemon Grove on crutches and with a broken collar bone for 3 weeks.  He had a hell of a time bathing and trying to wipe his butt.  lmao 

He recovered and we fixed the bike.  I'll have to see if I still have the pics somewhere. 

Sorry for the wall of text, glad you're ok though, just don't give up on the bike.  Learn from it and get better.   :motonoises: