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This should count, so I have to ask
« on: July 05, 2018, 02:07:53 pm »
More for the bike than to the bike, I "poured" a 3-1/2 foot wide by 10" long slab right where I want to put the centerstand of the bike when I park it.  Since moving other stuff into the Connie's part of the garage I've been using trial & error to find the level spot in a flagstone walk.  It's bad karma to keep doing that at especially with soft dirt between the stones.  I made my mini slab 2.5 or 3 inches thick with a 16 gage perforated steel strap as a backbone and some 7 inch clippings of chain link fence as ribs.  All material was left overs so I also cleaned up and gained some storage space.
Edit: 3 days later it should be full strength.  On my 1st try rocking it up on the centerstand I missed the slab.   The tipover bars worked and I got it back up without assistance.
I didn't drop her on purpose, nor was it a riding accident.  Over the years my attitude about a CDA number has changed, though.  I used to think like the guy in The Right Stuff who wanted his picture on the wall behind the bar.  Now, if I don't get a CDA number, amen to that  :truce:
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