SW-MOTECH Powered Tank Ring / Bags-Connection Tank Bag

Bringing power into a tank bag is becoming much more prevalent in order for us to run or charge our many electronic devices such as GPS, cell phone, MP3 player, intercom, etc. In the past I ran a coiled power cord with cig type power plug out of the bag to a powered jack installed on the bike. I was looking for something a bit cleaner for my 2011 Concours 14.

SW-MOTECH Powered Tankring

Enter SW-MOTECH/Bags-Connection and their line of Quick-Lock Tankbags and the fuel cap electric tank bag rings. Twisted Throttle, a COG Industry Member, carries a full range of SW-MOTECH bags and rings. As luck would have it, Twisted Throttle's Adam & Kevin planned on coming to the 2011 COG National Rally to perform install demonstrations and I arranged to have them install the electric tank bag ring on the C14. Thanks.

Prior to installation there is something to keep in mind.  For 2008/2009 years the ring requires the use of stand-offs to provide enough height to allow tank bags to clear the tank top storage box. When the stand-offs are used, slight grinding of the ring with a Dremel is required to allow the fuel cap to clear the ring and open properly. See the install instructions for details.

Here is a photo of the ring being installed with the stand-offs.

As expected the fuel cap would not operate correctly. Since the 2010-2011 model years do not have the fuel tank mounted glove box we found that the stand-offs are not required for the bag to clear the tank and integrated tang bag platform. This provided a cleaner and simpler install, and did not require grinding the ring.

Power to the ring is provided via a small inline control module. Power can be provided from a direct battery connection, or via a switched power source. Connecting direct will allow cell phone and other electronics to remain powered when the bike is shut down. In this install, it was decided to direct power the bag from the battery. The controller was fastened in the right side of the main fairing and wiring was fished down the fairing to the battery.

The power lead to the ring would be routed under the tank cover, and a small slot was cut in it to allow the wire to run under the cover neatly.

Here is a better view of how the power lead was run through the slot cut in the tank cover

Bags-Connection Tank Bags

The SW-Motech Powered Quick-Lock system is designed to work together with their Bags-COnnection line of tank bags. Each bag must be fitted with a SW-Motech Powered Quick-Lock Topring that must be purchased and installed separately. Installation requires determining the best location for the Topring the channel on the bottom of the bag to suit the motorcycle and the rider. Then 5 holes must be drilled in the bottom of the bag - 4 for mounting bolts and one to pass the power wires through into the bag from the topring. Also, the lock-pin must be pre-adjusted according to the instructions. There is a magnet in the pin that is sensed by the gas tank ring assembly to indicate when the bag is in place, and enables the controller to power the bag.

I presently have two different tank bags using the powered tank ring system. The one I have been using the most is a Bags-Connection "Daypack II" I acquired from Twisted Throttle. It is large enough to carry & charge my phone, plus several other incidental items I normally carry. The bag expands from 5 to 7 liters and comes with a rain cover. It does not have a map pocket built in, but one that clips on to the top of the bag can be purchased separately.

Here is a photo of the Daypack II after installing the SW-Motech Powered Quick-Lock Topring mounted on the bottom of the bag.

Here is the Daypack II installed on a 2011 Concours 14:

The other bag I have is a Bags-Connection "Trial QL" that I purchased from another COG member. At 23 liters, this is a very large tank bag. It has a built in map pocket large enough to hold an iPad or other electronic devices.

Here is a photo of the Trial QL after installing the SW-Motech Powered Quick-Lock Topring mounted on the bottom of the bag.

Here is the Daypack II installed on a 2011 Concours 14:

The last step of the installation may be to fine tune the lock-pin if needed to obtain the best compromise of securely retaining the bag and having the sensor activate bag power.


Although the Tankring system was installed in August at the COG rally, I did not acquire tank bags until October. I have mostly been using the Daypack II, and have not used the Trial QL on a trip. Overall, I have been happy with the SW-MOTECH and Bags-Connection system. I will add real use experience after using the bags for a few trips.

A word of warning... a hall effect sensor built into the ring senses when a tank bag is in place, and a relay in the controller provides power the tank bag. If the bag is left in place the relay is remains energized when the bike is shut down. Even though there might be nothing connected in the bag it will still deplete the battery if left a few days. Don't ask how I know.

install pics
install pics
install pics
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