Mounting GPS to Glove Box

During my Sunday morning rides I have been exploring a lot of the local countryside within a 100 mile radius from my home. I have been plotting my routes on my computer using DeLorme Street Atlas USA. This way I know ahead of time the distance and approximate time it will take to cover the route and I can adjust it if needed to compensate for my available time. In the past I only used maps to navigate the roads. The location of my tank bag map pocket forced me to look down to view the map, taking my eyes off the road... a bad thing while riding. Using the mapping software, I download the roundtrip route to the GPS unit and use the "highway mode" to provide navigation. Route strip maps printed by the software are real handy and easy to follow since they are printed "course up".

The Mount

I originally wanted to somehow mount the GPS to the tankbag, since it would offer shock and vibration isolation. Many thanks to Gene McGraw (my mechanical wizard and collaborator) for pointing out the one drawback I did not consider. The bag must be removed for fueling and poses a risk of damage. This along with having to always use the tank bag convinced me to listen to Gene's approach using a typical vibration isolation design. I decided to mount the unit on the left glovebox cover since it is a convenient location and the fact that it is cheap to replace in case I messed up. The rubber grommets isolate the Mount Base from the glovebox cover. The bushings are used as filler to take up the slop room between the #8 machine screws and the inside diameter of the grommets (the drawing doesn't seem too clear here).

I really like the way this works and looks. I picked up +12Vdc power from the Aux. power connectors under the left glovebox of my Kawasaki Concours and connected it to a auxiliary power connector (waterproof cigarette lighter thingy) that I mounted on the hump inside the glovebox using 3M Molding tape. I did this so I can use the car adapter cord and not have to buy a power cord just for the bike.
Pics used in Wiki page
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