refurbishing the ignition switch

Since Maw Kaw in all her infinite wisdom no longer makes a switch assembly for the C-10  :P and mine took a dump this spring, I decided to try to fix mine.
I soon discovered that the switch assembly is NOT  removable without damaging the housing. >:( 
To get to the switch I decided to go at it from the top.
1, remove the bars and risers.
2, remove the top triple tree clamp.

3, Chase the wire harness and unplug the pigtail

4, On the underside of the triple tree clamp is a small screw that holds the module in place
5, Take the module to a well lit, secure room, with a smooth floor that you can see small parts on if they,no,WHEN they fall. ???
6, CAREFULLY pry the black plastic disk with the pigtail from the white housing.

7, DO NOT REMOVE the inner black disk with the copper plates from the white housing.  (unless you want to call your wife to help with finding and reassembling the 2 springs and balls found there) :-\

8, Carefully remove the copper contacts from this disk and clean.  (there are springs behind these also but they are very passive) :)
9, Clean and sand all the contacts in the pigtail and those removed fromg the black disk

10, reassemble the switch module and install in triple tree clamp
11, reassemble bike and go ride.  :beerchug: CELEBRATE

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