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COG has created a series of Short URLs and shortcuts to make it easier for everyone to share and post links to important pages in COG's online presence. These links are shorter, content specific and link directly to the current correct page.
They are fast and easy tools for use in social media like this Forum, Facebook, Twitter, Emails, etc. as well as in printed material.  The Short URLs will normally remain visible and complete when used online making it easier for the link to seen and used by additional people.
These links will always be active and direct people to a useful and active page. They are permanent links. Copy and paste the link text to use them.             Contacting COG (generally and officers directly)              List of upcoming COG Events and Rides                List of upcoming COG Events and Rides           Memberize Grid Calendar               Renew Membership                  Join COG            Current National Homepage                COG Members Store                 COG Tech Pages       Concours Owners Group Constitution and By-Laws       COG Forum Rules     COG Board of Directors Minutes               COG Forms (Insurance, Logo Usage, etc.)     COG Logo Usage Request Form       Exclusive RoadRunner Magazine discount for COG Members
(Some links point to Member Only content that will require a COG login to view)

Old Man on a Connie:
Well holy smokes and thanks for the simplicity!  :great:


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