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You may have signed up to be a forum only subscriber to check out COG and see what we are all about or to research the Concours or Concours 14 a bit more. Hopefully you like what you see and ready to take the plunge and pay your dues to become a full card-carrying member of COG.  Club dues are downright cheap at $37/year, and there are muilti-discounts if you join for 2 or 3 years. You can include your significant other as an Associate Member for only $5 so they can enjoy the same benefits as you.

Once your membership has been processed you can take advantage of member only benefits such as membership card, subscription to the club's The Concourier magazine, annual membership directory (when printed), area newsletters, access to COG apparel purchases, discounts on COG rallies, and more.

Note: Part of the membership upgrade process requires a manual intervention from the [volunteer] membership officer, it may take several days or more for permissions to change to allow access to the online goodness COG provides.  Once membership makes the changes and assigns a COG number, be sure to refresh the forum profile by logging out and back in.

Since you already have an online registration with COG as a subscriber to this forum, you do not need to register again. Follow the steps below to edit your membership type to and submit club dues payment online with credit card through a secure payment gateway.

Please remember to review your member profile and verify/update all contact and mailing info is correctly entered.  Also verify the settings are correct to allow you to be displayed in the online members list, and in the member directory.  The settings to display info in the listing is disabled by default. Not to worry... The online member list is only viewable to other full current COG members, and not made available to the public. Each member must enable their profile to be included in the online listing, and choose which fields to make viewable.  Also be sure you choose settings to include your name, address, phone and email in the hard copy member directory.

Getting to the page to change your membership plan takes a few steps.
links to pages in cogmos)
  • From the forum menu choose COG Membership -> View/Edit Member Info
  • You should be at the main COG pages. Log in, if prompted using the same username/password as forum.
  • After logging in you may be sent back to the forum main page. Note: It is normal and expected for forum subscribers only to be sent back to the forum home page each time you authenticate (log in) on the COG main page (COGMOS).
  • From the forum menu, again choose COG Membership -> View/Edit Member Info. This should take you to the My Info page.
    This is a good time to review & update all other profile info, then click the SAVE button.
  • From the My Info menu, choose Actions -> Edit Membership Plan
  • Wait for your membership plan info to load - it should show Guest Membership. If not, contact COG Membership Officer.
  • Click on the Change icon, and then select the desired membership plan from the list
  • Click on the ADD TO ORDER button
  • When the cart is displayed, click on PLACE ORDER and follow instructions to complete online membership dues payment using the shopping cart.

If you have questions about the conversion process, please shoot an email to the membership director at:
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