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How Your Profile Works
« on: October 08, 2010, 11:46:53 pm »
Important Information about how your profile works on this Forum.  The forum uses account information from the Concours Owners Group Membership System "Cogmos" at

Hence information like your Name, Password, Location, COG#, and Alias all come from Cogmos and are not editable locally, you must change them on Cogmos.

Please make sure you set a good Alias. Please make it unique, as the system does not check.

Many thanks
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Changing Your Displayed Forum Name
« Reply #1 on: January 08, 2011, 10:38:26 am »
Instructions to Update COG User Profile Information.

  • Login authentication and forum profile information comes from the "My Info" section of the main COG database located on:  All edits must be done there. (Follow CHANGING USER PROFILE DATA instructions below)
  • The member's listed area (chapter) can only be changed on renewal or by request of the membership officer ( or your Area Director
  • Displaying of your profile in the online member listing is disabled by default.  It is highly recommended that you enable this to make best use of the member listing to look up members. The online member list is only viewable to other current full COG members, and not the general public or forum subscribers.
  • Each member must enable their profile to be included in the online listing, and choose which fields to make viewable.  It is strongly suggested you display your first & last name in addition to your forum alias so that other members can find you in the online member listing. Including your City, State, ZIP will make it easier for others to find use using the search feature.
  • An account with fake contact and registration information may be locked, deactivated, or deleted without notice.
Getting to the place to edit & enable your member profile takes a few steps.
  • From the forum menu choose COG Membership -> View/Edit Member Info
  • You should be at the main COG pages. Log in, if prompted using the same username/password as forum. After logging in it should bring you back to the forum main page
  • From the forum menu, again choose COG Info -> Edit/Update Member COGMOS Data.
  • You should be at the My Info page. It may require logging in.
  • If not at My Info page... Go to; Click Member Area; then click on My Info.
Getting to the place to edit your user password takes a few steps.
  • Follow instructions in SECTION B
  • Select View -> My Membership
  • Select Actions - > Edit Username/Pwd
  • Enter current password and new password as shown
  • Click Update
This is where you change your profile data
  • The Alias is your displayed forum name. Choose a good alias - something unique, as the system is stupid and allows duplicates.
  • This is a good time to review & update other profile info. Specifically the "Member Willing To:" check boxes as this controls how you are listed in the hard copy member directory.
  • Click on Save when complete
  • Logout of the COG forum (top, right menu above)
  • Log back into this forum and the info will be carried over and displayed.
Many members do not know there is a searchable online Member List. For member privacy this information is only available and displayed to full COG members, and not the general public or forum subscribers. This is a useful tool to find members who may have joined after the member directory was last published, or to search for members in a specific state, zipcode, or other searchable criteria. Here is some helpful instructions to use the member list and edit your profile so that you can be found in the member list.
  • Follow instructions in SECTION B
  • Select View -> My Profile
  • Click on Edit Profile
  • Display My Profile must be set to YES. Then check off all the profile items to display in the online member directory. At a minimum, please enable display of first name and last name. Checking the Alias box will list and display you by Alias, not name, so choose wisely and select the one that allows other members to find you easily in the directory.
  • Click on Save button on top or bottom of page
If your forum Alias & location is OK, but COG # is not displayed, here is a procedure to refresh your COG #. If you are fairly new member, the COG # will not refresh until membership processes your new membership...
  • Logout of the forum (top, right menu above)
  • Log back into forum and the info will be refreshed from the database and displayed.
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