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IMPORTANT: Check/Update Your Displayed Forum Name
« on: September 22, 2013, 09:53:07 am »
ALL FORUM USERS - WE NEED YOUR HELP...  Please check your forum Name - the displayed name people see with your posts - to be unique and not duplicated. 

The short reason...
During initial registration, users are prompted to enter a data field called Alias. This Alias is carried over and used as your forum name and is not checked for duplication.   For instance, there are 30+ with the Name "Bill" in the system and nearly 50 with the name "Bob." Because of this it makes it very difficult to find someone in the system if you want to look up a post you remember them making or find them in the system to message them.

The long reason...
The way this forum works with regard to registration, login and name checking is unique and this uniqueness has caused some quirks.  The COG [full and forum subscriber] member database and member management system for dues payments and renewals is maintained within what we call COGMOS and is associated with the COG main pages.  This forum login authentication is connected back to that database and each tim you log in here your forum profile is refreshed with data from your COGOS member data, including your forum displayed name.  As stated before, the COGMOS system does not presently check for duplicate of Alias field, but it does check for duplicate of your email address and username.

What to do...
The forum and COGMOS profile usage is explained in this post, along with instruction on how to modify your profile info, including Alias (forum Name).,25387.0.html

It is suggested to set your Alias to something unique. Check the forum memberlist to see if what you presently use or wish to use is already taken. Since all COG numbers are unique, one suggestions is to append your COG number to your username in some manner ( Bob1234, Bob_1234, Bob-1234, etc). If you are not a full COG member use some other method to make your Alias unique.

Admins reserve the right to change non-unique forum names to something more unique without warning if needed to for system administration. You may always change this by editing your COGMOS member profile.
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